With “Almah”, his fourteenth album as leader, the Israeli bass player and composer, Avishai Cohen has gone back to the roots of his first musical experience: classical writing and harmony. The jazzman has never stopped proclaiming this enlightened heritage throughout a career that is colourful and steeped in all kinds of experiences. But he is taking this to new heights by celebrating it this time with an instrumental ensemble that brings together his trio (the pianist Nitai Hershkovits and the drummer Ofri Nehemya), a string quartet and an oboe.

Blending original pieces, standards and covers of old songs, this tireless explorer brings together the best of every musical avenue that takes his fancy: the highly demanding work of the composer coupled with the changing textures and brilliance of the improviser, the sophisticated beauty of the American songbook joining forces with the lyrical power of the popular Israeli or Arabic melodies…“This is an album that defines a new language which carries the genes of a perfect synthesis between classical music and jazz, giving both the depth and respect they deserve.” (Tal Hashiloni, Presenter and Broadcaster)

Dense, deep and full of life, “Almah” touches the very heart of what it means to be an artist with multiple talents and whose expression is totally unique.


  • Avishai Cohen - double & electric bass, vocals
  • Nitai Hershkovits - Piano
  • Ofri Nehemya - Drums - except #10
  • Cordelia Hagmann - Violin except #10
  • Amit Landau - Viola except #10
  • Noam Haimovitz Weinschel - Viola
  • Yael Shapira - Cello
  • Yoram Lachish - Oboe and English Horn
  • Amir Bresler - Drums on #10
  • Keren Tannenbaum - Violin on #10
  • Galia Hai - Viola #10
  • - Fazioli piano provided by Piano World, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Lars Nilsson and Avishai Cohen - Producer
  • Ray Jefford - Executive Producer
  • All tracks arranged by Avishai Cohen
  • Recorded by Lars Nilsson at Kicha Studios, Tel Aviv, Israel on 2nd to 9th June 2013 except #10 recorded on 4th and 5th September 2012 by Marko Gurka. Mixed and mastered by Lars Nilsson at Nilento Studios, Göteborg, Sweden in June and July 2013
  • Production team Nilento Studios: Jenny Nilsson & Michael Dahlvid.
  • All songs published by Gadu Music / SonyATV Publishing except #3 On a Black Horse (Copyright Control), #4 (D’Accord Music, Inc./ASCAP), #5 (Copyright Control), #6 (Copyright Control), #9 (NMC Music Entertainment), and #10 (Tarbut-Vechinuch).
Avishai Cohen

I’m such a devoted fan of Avishai because, for me, his music wears the suffering as well as the happiness of mankind throughout the old worlds history.

I was on Cohens and his amazing group concert yesterday, at “Sociedad Filarmónica de Bilbao”, in Bilbao. It was beauty, fun, incredible!
(Sorry my english)

Have followed Avishai for so many years and I have loved every development of his music. I admire the way he doesn’t stand still; the Barbican concert was
a – ma – zing so I am looking forward to getting my hands on this new album. Thank you Avishai.


Grande musicista, ottimo interprete, meravigliosa musica, spero di poter assistere dal vivo …..grazie mille !!

Tommaso Mastroberardino

I am reviewing this disc for MusicWeb and have been blown away by the originality of the music, particularly the successful integration of the ‘classical’ element. This is a rare gem and I’m thrilled by it. Look out for my full review in a few weeks time on the above website. Bravo Avishai!

Markus Christian Jockisch

Dear Mr. Avishai Cohen!

Last night I’ve enjoyed your marvelous bassplaying in Leipzig Opernhaus, “Sound of Heimat” in the opening concert of the 38. Leipziger Jazztage (11/09/2014). Mr. Cohen, I’m so impressed of your sound and the sound of your colleagues, your group. The way you describe and express LOVE in the music-themes and tunes, touches the deepest abyss of my soul. Thank you, Mr. Cohen! It has been my best birthday ever.

Best wishes from my heart.
Markus Christian.

P.S.: Sorry for all of the respectless people in the audience.

What a fabulous album and a wonderful interview.
I always find it fascinating to delve into the character of a musician and his music.
This interview was inspiring on many levels.
Thank you.

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