Avishai Cohen Trio

(photo: Patrick Van Vlerken)

Line Up

  • Avishai Cohen - bass, vocals
  • Guy Moskovich - piano
  • Roni Kaspi - drums

Over the last twenty-five years  Internationally acclaimed bassist, singer, composer Avishai Cohen, has grown to be one of the heavyweights of contemporary jazz, with a catalogue to rival those of even the most legendary in the field of jazz… and beyond.

His captivating live performances, unique sound and musical statement are now extensively known throughout every corner of the world, attracting large live audiences, listeners and passionate fans. Cohen’s music has shaped and influenced many.‘

Today is known as a unique composer and music Influencer with no boundaries.

With his new trio, Cohen will present music from his latest celebrated trio album ‘‘Shifting Sands ‘ (May 2022) performing brand new original compositions, alongside fan favourites and repertoire from his vast musical library.

Shifting Sands highlights the special alchemy that Cohen’s music provides:
fresh and expansive melodic lines, diverse and sophisticated rhythms and a musical elegance that only he can achieve.”

Cohen, who has always distinguished himself in the past as a great promoter and discoverer of new, young gifted musicians, once again Cohen brings exceptional talent with this young fresh new trio configuration, Guy Moskovich on piano and young Israeli drummer Roni Kaspi.

Guy has been on Avishai’s radar for a few years, and at 26 years old he has already established himself as one of the most in-demand pianists and composers of his young generation in both Israel and New York City.

Roni Kaspi, born in Israel in July 2000, recently graduated from Berklee College of Music, USA. During the lockdown early in 2022, she met Avishai Cohen, with whom she performed virtually on Facebook. This distant interaction immediately developed into a strong musical connection, which led to her being invited to partner with Avishai on tour in September 2020.

Photography by: Denis Grenier Gülcan Acar Laurent Sabathé Petra Hajska Rainer Weisflog Simon Biancetti Arthur Viguier Gregory Rubinstein Shamrockraver Patrick Van Vlerken Yuval Peleg

Press Quotes

  • 'But the star of the evening is undoubtedly Avishai Cohen and his trio. Since emerging as a member of Chick Corea's trio in 1997, Israeli-born double bassist Avishai Cohen has become a world star for his double bass sound, which combines the purity of cello with the drama of percussion, and for his original compositions embracing American jazz, Latin music, Sephardic Jewish folk songs, avant-funk, orchestral works and even pop-tinged vocals... Click here to read the full review '

    Jazzmagazine review (Jazzmagazine )
  • 'Le plaisir a été partagé. Entouré de son pianiste d’une brillante sobriété et de sa jeune batteuse de 22 ans, révélation scénique aussi douée qu’explosive, Avishai Cohen a offert au public une performance de haute volée. Leurs morceaux, aussi longs (7 à 8 min) que rythmés, s’écoutaient presque en apnée. Avishai Cohen, toujours aussi habité, entre contorsions et grimaces, a proposé quelques solos mémorables. '

    Jazz Sous les Pommiers (Ouest France )
  • 'Avishai Cohen overwhelmed the audience with his solid and embracing bass sound, together with Guy’s carefully constructed solos and Roni’s diverse rhythms. '

    Jazz Life Magazine, (Japan - February 2023 )
  • '‘Surrounded by his brilliant pianist and his young 21-year-old drummer, a live stage revelation as gifted as it is explosive, Avishai Cohen offered the audience a high-flying performance’'

    Des morceaux longs et rythmés (France )
  • 'The intricacy of Cohen’s compositions … gives a depth for the listener to wallow in. It is impossible to miss the skill and dexterity both as a musician and as a writer of music.'

    Kind of Jazz ( )
  • 'Avishai Cohen demonstrates his immense creativity.'

    Kind of Jazz ( )
  • '...create joyful, dynamic and engaging music this energy is released every time in the execution of themes[...] Four-stringed solos immediately receive a thunderous miasma of applause which is constantly received[...]'

    Tuttorock (Italy )
  • 'Avishai Cohen is - and this is becoming clearer to me and all around , as the concert goes on - One of the best bassists available. Again and again he snatches the contrabass new timbres and moods, to the moments when one believes the instrument begins to talk Yes, even different languages are believed to be heard, while Cohen plays his instrument intimately embracing. Effortlessly, the composer and his colleagues jump back and forth between different tempos, styles and dynamics within a composition.'

    rbb|24 (Germany )
  • 'Cohen knows how to give depth to the proven combination of Israeli folk music and jazz. A number of compositions are based on a catchy melody, beautifully colored with bass, drum, piano, trombone and flute. As if the musicians were on a leash in these pieces, they break out into others and give free rein to their incredible virtuosity. Cohen always had a patent on amazing pianists in his band. Now he has found another overwhelming good one in the Azerbaijan Elchin Shirinov. That brings fantastic subtle variations even in the highest gear. What a record, what a band!'

    Trouw (Netherlands )
  • 'From the moment the Israeli jazz bassist Avishai Cohen enters the stage, you can feel an infinite amount of energy, silence and unique dynamics. Everything is at the same time, enhanced by a smile. There are sparks coming out of the sound. You can see them!'

    Hannoversche Allgemeine (Germany )
  • 'Concerts like this are unique and unrepeatable, and as such a privilege for the lucky ones present '

    Intro (Portugal )
  • 'Seldom has one heard such an intensive concert sprinkling all genre borders like this …a master of integration.'

    Rhein Main Presse (Germany )
  • 'Bassist and composer, Avishai Cohen is back and he couldn’t be any better'

    Hassina Mechaï, Toute Le Culture (France )
  • 'Avishai Cohen’s playing is as remarkable for its melodic audacity as its technical prowess.'

    l’Alsace (France )
  • 'It’s a unique and captivating blend.'

    The Guardian, Observer (UK )
  • 'The Israeli bassist has become a real jazz star, and this is clear from the over-crowded concert room. […] Avishai does something extra, besides dexterous patterns, he also looks at the space and mixes this with classical influences where he bows, instead of plucking. No doubt this concert was the highlight of the festival!'

    Jazzism (Holland )
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