Newsletter – August 2015

Avishai Cohen Trio Newsletter
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“A wonderful evening filled with freedom and emotion.”
Rhein-Neckar Zeitung, Heidelberg Classical Festival, March 2015

Over the last few years Avishai has been performing and creating more music and arrangements associated with the classical world. After the release of the album Almah (2013, Parlophone/Warners), a unique project which combined trio with a string quartet, Avishai now takes further steps into the future, with Trio and Orchestra.
It is the culmination of his musical journey, bringing two worlds together – classical music and jazz. Avishai has been working closely with New York City based Conductor / Arranger, Robert Sadin, orchestrating traditional and his own original compositions.

Sweden 5 Sept *WORLD PREMIERE* Malmo, Sweden
(Trio + Malmo Philharmonic Orchestra)
Tickets Available

Following this Autumn:

france 18 Nov Lyon, France Trio + Orchestre National de Lyon
france 23 Nov Monaco, France Trio + Monte Carlo Symphony Orchestra
czech 30 Nov Brno, Czech Republic Trio + Brno Philharmonic Orchestra
austria 2 Dec Vienna Konserthaus, Austria Trio + Brno Philharmonic Orchestra

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