From Darkness

Avishai Cohen once again opens an essential gateway into a new creative and expressive dimension.

From Darkness sees the Israeli composer and bassist go back to the very core of his musical idiom and activity. A belief reinforced by the influence of two outstanding partners, pianist Nitai Hershkovits and drummer Daniel Dor.

This unity between human and sound owes a lot to a virtue brought here to its highest intensity; mutual listening, a soulful and heartful science that presides over the destiny of true music. All eleven compositions were recorded with the impact of a live performance with clarity.

From Darkness charts a path from obscurity to light. It is indeed a key step in Cohen’s long-term quest for the absolute and for purity. The art of this trio is rich and condensed; swarming with new ideas, reduced to the essential and crossed by a thousand subtly harmonized shades.

“Here, three becomes one.”


  • Avishai Cohen - bass
  • Nitai Hershkovits - piano
  • Daniel Dor - drums
  • Executive Producer - Ray Jefford
  • Project Coordinator - Nicola King
  • Art Design - Toby Larnder
  • Front cover photo - Seda Ozguven Erdogan
  • Produced by Avishai Cohen and Lars Nilsson
  • All songs written and arranged by Avishai Cohen, and published by Gadu Music / Sony / ATV Music Publishing, except track 11 (Charlie Chaplin, John Turner, Geoffrey Parsons - Bourne Co. / ASCAP)
  • Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lars Nilsson at Nilento Studios, Sweden between May and July 2014. Nilento Studio team: Michael Dahlvid, Jenny Nilsson.
Avishai Cohen

Loving Avishai’s new trio…..Loving the teaser parts of the new lp on this site….Longing for the time Avishai et al return to the UK. Avishai I love your music.

Just found this album on Deezer and it stunning. Real complex rhythms and references. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Jo D

Christopher Daniels

Congratulations for another amazing record, you made me speechless again and you showed me once more why you are one of my faovurite musicians I have heard so far….I am glad that I got in contact with your music and I will try to see and hear you for the 4th time in April in Mainz (Germany).
Keep this work of yours in progress, I will wait with so much joy for the next tunes 🙂

To this album:
From the first second you get as a listener into Avishai’s world, you will hear so many influences he took, so that he creates his world of music further.
Together with Nitai and Daniel he shows what true passion in music is and you really hear what it means to get together when you play with other people in an ensemble.
So in that way I am thankful for Avishai’s pieces…

Lovely greetings from another musician on this planet who is really inspired by this record 🙂

Make no mistake, this is jazz in spirit and jazz at heart: everything that jazz should be and everything that jazz should provoke in reactions, too…

Once again, without drawing attention to technique or ever sounding strained or over-laboured the ensemble playing and Ashai’s precise yet passionate plucking of the bass resound resourcefully and leave lovely indelible traces that touch so many parts of the soul and the mind, at once.
Yet, there is also lightness of touch and sweet softness that never lapses into unwarranted sentiment…

Every note, every bar, every wave of sound and texture seems entirely fitting and coherent…

It’s a carpet of colourful waves and a smorgasbord of sensations that feels entirely distinctive and yet authentic to the jazz traditions of which this is a part….

And, despite the rightful meandering into beautiful alleys of intoxicating intricacy, there is always a sifting of tenacious melody that coaxes these pieces into a vibrant dimension of pleasure…

A breathtaking masterpiece…


And Avishai is back…
Thanks for this wonderful release gathering all flavours and colours of the world.

From African number one fan living in TOGO


I am already a huge fan, having sampled most of your CDs on Amazon. I shall follow your future recordings with great interest, and expect that they will meet or exceed my expectations. You are a multi-talented multi-instrumentalist, leading jazz in bold, new and exciting directions. BRAVO my friend! Best wishes, Keith

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