Seven Seas


Now one of the most popular jazz players of the past decade, Avishai Cohen takes his artistic approach to its zenith, with Seven Seas. Featuring nursery rhymes, lullabies and suites in which heroic inspiration and symphonics abound. Seven Seas plunges us into a fabulous sound voyage, in which understatement and magnitude play a never-ending game of ping-pong, a trip that easily transposes to the silver screen. Once you get past the opening credits dripping in joyful nostalgia, you steer past isles of rhythm and continents of sound, winding up with a traditional piano ladino with Cohen’s intense vocals.

Cohen has reached a new pinnacle as an artist. It’s more of a fusion album, perhaps bringing us closer to reality of an odyssey, with its title that transports us into nautical legend: seven seas’ many twists and turns make it the most exciting of albums in Cohen’s discography.


  • Avishai Cohen - Bass, Vocals. (Piano on 'Dreaming' and 'Tres Hermanicas Eran')
  • Shai Maestro - Piano
  • Itamar Doari - Percussion, Vocals on 'Two Roses
  • Karen Malka - Vocal
  • Amos Hoffman - Oud and Electric Guitar
  • Jenny Nilsson - Vocals on 'About a Tree
  • Jimmy Greene - Soprano and Tenor Saxophone
  • Lars Nilsson - Flugelhorn
  • Bjorn Samuelsson - Trombone
  • Bjorn Bholin - English Horn
  • Nicolas Pflug - Executive Producer
  • Clementine Berry - Illustration and Artwork
  • Ray Jefford - Avishai Cohen personal management and booking
  • Produced by Avishai Cohen, Itamar Doari and Lars Nilsson
  • Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lars Nilsson at Nilento Studios, Goteburg, Sweden in September and October 2010
  • All songs written and composed by Avishai Cohen, except #2(Oyfn Eg Shyteyt A Boym - By Mark Warshavsky). #9 (Shnei Shoshanim - By Mordechai Ze'ira) and #10 (Traditional Ladino).
  • All songs Arranged by Avishai Cohen except #1 and #3 by Avishai Cohen and Itamar Doari/ Horns arrangements on #6 by Shai Maestro.
  • All songs published by Gadu Music/Sony/ATV Music Publishing except #2, #9 and #10 copyright control
  • h6>Belongs to the Greats

    "Avishai Cohen has been able to create a universe identifiable as soon as you hear the first bars, a trademark that only belongs to the Greats"

    JAZZMAN - March 2011

    Unique Jazz

    "A clever music, a and an often outstanding interpretation - 3stars"

    Le Droit - March 2011

    Most Beautiful Record

    "Seven Seas' is the doubler's most beautiful record"

    Direct Matin Plus - March 2011

    Soothing and Intimate

    "A soothing and intimate travel full of sentimental ballads"

    Journal du Dimanche - March 2011 (Sunday Daily)

Avishai Cohen