Avishai Cohen presented with the Miles Davis Award 2023

Avishai Cohen is presented with the prestigious Miles Davis Award on 30th June 2023 at the Montreal Jazz Festival Canada.

A significant highlight took place on 30th June at the Montreal Jazz Festival when Avishai was very honoured to receive the Miles Davis Award presented (by Andre Menard Co founder of the festival), at a ceremony on stage in front of his fans.

‘This prestigious award is given to a jazz musician who has had an amazing career and who pushed the boundaries. Avishai is the 28th winner of the Miles Davis Award, which pays homage to a world-renowned jazz artist, for their body of work and innovation in the genre.‘

‘Thank you so much for the great recognition, it’s an honour being the first non-American artist receiving this beautiful award’

Photos: Marie Emmanuelle Laurin

Avishai Cohen