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AVISHAI COHEN Teatre Coliseum Barcelona (27.01.2020)

“Waking Up Passions”

by Miquel Bricullé (English translation)

Avishai Cohen: double bass, vocals and composer
Elchin Shirinov: piano
Mark Guiliana: drums

In this ’50:50:50’ concert, double bass player Avishai Cohen proved once again that he can maintain an idyllic atmosphere with an audience that venerates him like a rock star.

With the addition of drummer Mark Guiliana in “off-road” mode, the ‘Arvoles’ trio, already featuring Azerbaijani self-taught pianist Elchin Shirinov, was deeply shaken, particularly in favor of intensity and rhythm.

The concert ended in frantic passages and gestures connected to pop and jazz-rock. Getting to the top and being able to stay there long without losing the interest of the audience is probably the most unique feature of this trio.

Obsessive pieces and rhythmic merges of rock, pop and techno set up a substantial performance which unleashed the audience’s passion, finishing with four encores, two by Avishai alone with his bass and voice. A highlight of the performance was the Argentinean samba ‘Alfonsina Y El Mar’, a highly sensitive piece recorded for Cohen’s 2009 ‘Aurora’ album.

(Source: Jazz de Primera | 19.02.2020)

Avishai Cohen