A new band and new music from bassist and composer, Avishai Cohen.

A new band and new music from bassist and composer, Avishai Cohen.

Avishai Cohen’s Jazz “Free” is a new project conveying some of the spirit of his next album (scheduled for release in September 2017 – Sony Music).

The live show excludes the acoustic concert piano that has accompanied Avishai for many years, introducing keyboards to generate a more groovy sound. Cohen will lead the band on his familiar and faithful partner, his bass and vocals.

Avishai is joined by an exceptionally talented group of musicians who are not known as ‘jazz musicians’, among them is the worldly percussionist Itamar Doari – a regular member of his trio, Karen Malka – the beautiful vocalist featured on previous albums ‘Aurora’ and ‘Seven Seas’, and Yael Shapira on cello – who previously toured with him as part of his ‘Almah’ string quartet.

Avishai is renowned for stretching the boundaries of jazz in a different direction to find a unique and plentiful sound. As is common with his distinctive music, original melodies and songs, you will be sure to experience a multitude of influences.

Line Up:

Avishai Cohen – acoustic/ electric bass, vocals
Itamar Doari – percussion, vocals
Karen Malka – vocals
Yael Shapira – cello, vocals
Elyasaf Bishari – oud, bass guitar, vocals
Jonatan Daskal – keyboards
Tal Kohavi – drums

For more information contact:

Ray Jefford
Personal Manager to Avishai Cohen
Tel: +447816 921753
Email: management@avishaicohen.com

Inge De Pauw
Publicist for Avishai Cohen
Email: inge@avishaicohen.com