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AXS, Online – ‘From Darkness’, excellent CD Review

‘From Darkness’ spotlights the great artistry of the Avishai Cohen Trio


Whether he’s touring a classical music program such as Avishai Cohen With Strings, playing jazz, world music or beyond, Avishai Cohen, never disappoints his devoted or new fans. So with a cumulative total of over 75,000 views on since the beginning of February 2015, there is no doubt that The Avishai Cohen Trio’s much- anticipated release titled From Darkness (Razdaz Records, RD4616) is a true testament to Cohen’s musical growth as a bandleader, composer, arranger, bassist and audience favorite. The new recording features 11 great songs that radiate from the heart and soul of his trio with Cohen on bass, Nitai Hershkovits on piano and new drummer Daniel Dor. Avishai wrote and arranged all of the compositions except ”Smile,” which was written by the songwriting team comprised of Chaplin/Turner/Parsons.

The program presented on From Darkness is undeniably a great musical experience that highlights the groove, the trance and the rhythms that define Cohen’s signature style. As indicated by the album’s title, Avishai Cohen’s creativity shines brightly throughout this excellent recording and songs such as “Ballad for an Unborn,” and “Almah Sleeping” reveal another side of his creativity since both have very special family-oriented backstories.

The trio allows their listeners to immerse their senses and get inside the music. After listening to Cohen’s bass solo, Hershkovits’ piano solo and Dor’s drum solo on “Ballad for an Unborn” you actually feel as if the trio lets you get to know them and the music on a more personal level.

In addition to guiding your journey of musical discovery during their engaging program, they expand your musical experience with odd-time signatures, lyric youthful music, and their eclectic blend of Middle Eastern and jazz vocabularies. ”From Darkness” is truly a joyous celebration ripe with excellent soloing and stellar interplay. ”Lost Tribe” has an indelible impact on the listener because of the thrilling dance rhythms and the mixing of familiar with unfamiliar tones.

“Almah Sleeping” is Cohen’s brilliant, beautiful, lullaby and dream of love named for his first born daughter. It is both soothing and pretty. Again, the piano melody is inspired and wins you over with its moving lyricism. This is an inspired masterpiece and once again reveals the depth of Avishai Cohen’s compositional integrity.

From Darkness is Avishai Cohen’s 15th album and will be supported by European and select USA cities tour dates. It is the only other album in his discography (the first being Gently Disturbed) which doesn’t really reflect the fact that his music has always been written for – and performed by – a trio. He has reached a new, fresh and incredibly substantial form with the trio.

A limited-edition vinyl release will also be available through Cohen’s label, Razdaz Recordz, in addition to the audio and digital versions of From Darkness.

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Written by; Paula Edelstein

Photo; Youri Lenquette


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