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‘An Evening with Avishai Cohen’

Over the past two decades, the bassist, singer, composer, innovator and jazz visionary, Avishai Cohen, has earned his reputation as one of the greatest bass players of his generation. His compositions reflect an expansive musical universe and embrace a vital blend of traditions, cultures, languages and styles, from Hebrew and Ladino folk songs and jazz standards, to pulsating contemporary jazz and recently Avishai has been creating and performing more music and arrangements associated with Western classical music. Now, following on from the hugely successful release of Almah (Warner/Parlophone, 2013), a unique project which combined Trio with a string quartet, Avishai now takes further steps into the future, with Trio and Orchestra. It is the culmination of his musical journey, and bringing two worlds together – classical and jazz.

An Evening with Avishai Cohen features his dynamic core Trio of double bass, drums and piano, while the sophisticated, legitimate integration of symphony orchestra lends an added dimension to Cohen’s distinctive sound. Programmes include settings of Cohen’s own contemporary jazz and world music compositions, orchestrated traditional Hebrew and Ladino songs, and selected classical works, while the arrangements span set-ups for solo, trio and full orchestra. The result is an exhilarating musical experience, intimate yet high impact.

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A Word From PolyArts / HarrisonParrott

“We are very excited to be supporting Avishai’s new venture into the classical world with his orchestral project “An Evening with Avishai Cohen“. Avishai, as we all know is an extremely talented and established musician in the Jazz world, with a huge international profile.

His constant innovation and works, combined with his vast musical knowledge and unique compositions continue to excite and inspire all types of audience. This distinctive partnership is a perfect fit for Polyarts (HarrisonParrott), who aim to blur the lines and break down barriers between genres, and increasingly eclecticise international programming, bringing the best quality music, artist and innovation to our clients and most importantly; fans and a wider audience.”
– (Moema Parrott, Polyarts / HarrisonParrott)

For booking enquiries, please contact:
Moema Parrott
Email: Moema.parrott@harrisonparrott.co.uk
Tel: +44 (0)78 8466 4051

Press Quotes

  • “With complex, partially polyrhythmic pieces and the surprisingly elegant transitions between improvised jazz sections and orchestra, this was is a great achievement, good job!”Kultursegler, February 2018

  • “How Cohen works on his bass and plays his solos even where the neck of the instrument ends long before, buidling in the midst of virtuoso runs a short quote from the ‘Pink Panther’ theme, comes though. a small wink to all bass students in the world. It was pure enjoyment to behold as was the entire concert.” Kultursegler

  • “With a symphony orchestra around him, his flair for the dramatic finds its ideal aesthetic environment.”All About Jazz

  • “Simply said, a memorable concert.”Toute La Culture

  • “It was crossover and then some, and Cohen looks like he’s going a long way with it.”The Guardian (Strings Project)

  • “A wonderful evening filled with freedom and emotion”.Rhein-Neckar Zeitung (Heidelberg Classical Festival)

  • “He has something more jazz musicians could use: an instinct for showmanship.”All About Jazz

  • “Bassist Avishai Cohen performs a medley of Arabic melodies and quirky harmonies which provide a fiery groove when combined with the Chamber Orchestra.”Mannheimer Morgen, Mar 2015