New Album ‘Almah’ – Released from 4 Nov.

New album “Almah” released worldwide from November 4th.


With “Almah”, his fourteenth album as leader, the Israeli bass player and composer, Avishai Cohen has gone back to the roots of his first musical experience: classical writing and harmony. The jazz man has never stopped proclaiming this enlightened heritage throughout a career that is colourful and steeped in all kinds of experiences. But he is taking this to new heights by celebrating it this time with an instrumental ensemble that brings together his trio (the pianist Nitai Hershkovits and the drummer Ofri Nehemya), a string quartet and an oboe.


Blending original pieces, standards and covers of old songs, this tireless explorer brings together the best of every musical avenue that takes his fancy: the highly demanding work of the composer coupled with the changing textures and brilliance of the improviser, the sophisticated beauty of the American songbook joining forces with the lyrical power of the popular Israeli or Arabic melodies…“This is an album that defines a new language which carries the genes of a perfect synthesis between classical music and jazz, giving both the depth and respect they deserve.” (Tal Hashiloni, Presenter and Broadcaster)


Dense, deep and full of life, “Almah” touches the very heart of what it means to be an artist with multiple talents and whose expression is totally unique.

Avishai Cohen

hey Avishai, such a lovely prospect . . . . so I can say – what I never did before, because : do you know german novembers;-(, so I can say: ::looking forward to NOVEMBRE. thanks for the pre-musical insight!!, greets from leipzig, andrea

Dear Avishai,

i have been exposed to your journey and found it intertwined with mine in the past 11 years. since Colors and Adama till Unity till i now hear Kumi . now after midnight in cold Berlin, where i have been living for the past ten years, and wait patiently to your next album.
its been a joyous time and a hard one . this past decade. and you were the leading sounds that lit the imagination , and fulfilled so much in the soundtrack of my life. inspiration . and bringing me back to the roots. to home . to finding turtles in putting them in a carton box.
as we were young in a land that was one and felt will be there for eternity.

still moved by “emotional storm” and “Arava” . still touched by “Seattle” and “Samuel” . and still miss home with “Elli” and “Ani Maamin”.

“Dreaming” made me dream and “Duende” made me play Piano again.

and i always sang “tov she’ Lyla” .. (instead of Nuches – Lyla….:)

waiting for November 4th , which is a date full of pain for all of us. a date that makes me sad . and makes me full of hope. makes me remember where i was back in 95. far away in India.

here anytime.

Thank you. for speaking out words of sound for all of us.

I can’t wait for this new album to come out!
You’re a genious and an inspiration!
Thank you Mr. Avishai for your music, it truly touches my heart.

Hi, Avishai, see you and your new band in Rome yesterday, great show full of energy joy and passion! You can give always moments of hope and happyness goign around the world with your musical experiences! Thank’U : )

Have been hoping there would be a “with Strings” record since seeing the live show at the Barbican earlier this year. Please come back and play again in London! It was the best live concert I’ve ever seen.

Very different from jazz, yet the master is there, free, capable, and amazingly talented. He can do anything……..

Dear Avishai,

This new song “Kumi” has a very unique sound. I really like your idea with the oboe, and how it sound with the strings. Im very moved by this new song, and i cannot wait for the rest of the album. My good friend and I saw you in Bremen nearly a year ago, and it was a beautiful experience! I am from Denmark, so it was a long journey just to see you, but it was worth the
trip. Thank you so much. You inspire me very much.

Beautiful song, beautiful album and the best show in the world at the Olympia, Paris, 11/04/2013. Thank you very much and we want more …..
A great appreciation to Mr. Nitai and Mr. Ofri.

Great and wonderful surprise! Have been listening to the whole album in youtube and am definitely going to buy it! Great arrangements for strings and oboe and … stunning piano and drums players. Overall a great group sound. My preferred tracks: 2 ( Song for my Brother ), 4 ( A Child is Born ), 5 ( Arab Medley ) and 9 ( Kefel ), but I think the whole album is just great !
Thank you for your wonderful music !

Amazing concert in Madrid on 07/04/2014.
Please come back soon.
We want and need more such as the possible new LP …..
Many, many, thank you very much

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