Newsletter – March 2015

RAZDAZ RECORDZ- Avishai Cohen Trio - new release- From DarknessRAZDAZ RECORDZ- Avishai Cohen Trio - new release- From DarknessPreorder from darkness now

“Bassist and composer, Avishai Cohen is back and he couldn’t be any better.”
Hassina Mechaï, Toute Le Culture, Feb 2015

For many of you who have been eagerly awaiting, we’re excited to announce that ‘From Darkness’ is now available to pre-order on Vinyl!

Side A
Ballad for an Unborn

Side B
C# –
From Darkness
Lost Tribe
Almah Sleeping

This 12” vinyl has been mastered to 96kHz high resolution and includes all the tracks from the album whilst providing the highest quality sound.

Preorder from darkness nowWatch our newest video of the trio performing the opening track live, from the new release ‘From Darkness’!

Lost Tribe video

“Avishai Cohen Trio are a definite recommendation for jazz enthusiasts who appreciate technical harmonies loaded with talent alongside the full enjoyment of life.”
NRG, Online Review, Israel, Feb 2015

preorder from

Preorder from darkness now

“‘From Darkness’ gives you the feeling of being at a live performance of the trio.
JAZZjapan, January 2015

We’re excited to announce more shows for the 2015 Avishai Cohen Trio Tour! Find out if the trio will be performing live near you: www.avishaicohen.comevents

20/03/2015 spain       Barcelona, Spain
22/03/2015 holland       Leiden, Holland
14/04/2015 france       Ris Orangis, France
18/04/2015 france-reunion island       Réunion Island
25/04/2015 germany       Mainz, Germany
12-15/05/2015 holland       Tokyo, Japan
Preorder from darkness now

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