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Dear Fans,

We have recently updated Avishai’s Youtube Channel with lots of great new content!
So why not take a look at the Channel and subscribe to get the best of Avishai Cohen!

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We’re inviting you to send us any video footage that you have personally filmed; these can be from one of Avishai’s concerts, your very own cover versions, dramatic performances or artistic representations to his music.

Every month we will be offering you the chance to win FREE merchandise and live show tickets – for all fans whose videos are selected to be uploaded to Avishai’s Channel.

All you have to do is upload your content with a document including; your name, email, country, year the film was produced, and any other details you would like to be included, to the Dropbox folder below, so that we can fully credit you on Avishai’s Channel:

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We’re giving you the chance to personally ask Avishai a question! Each month we will select one question and then post Avishai’s video response on Youtube!

Simply send your question to;

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Germany 13/11/2015 Leverkusener Jazztage, Leverkusen, Germany Tickets
france 14/11/2015 Casino Barrière de Lille. Lille, France Tickets
France 18/11/2015 Lyon, France
with Orchestre National de Lyon
austria 19/11/2015 Roma Jazz Festival, Rome, Italy Tickets
austria 21/11/2015 Théâtre des Louvrais, Cergy Pontoise, France SOLD OUT!
austria 23/11/2015 Festival Vilnius Mama Jazz, Vilnius, Lithuania Tickets
Sweden 26/11/2015 Monaco, France
with Monte-Carlo Symphony Orchestra
France 27/11/2015 Centre Culturel Paul Bailliart, Massy, France SOLD OUT!
austria 30/11/2015 Bobycentrum, Brno, Czech Republic
with Brno Philharmonic
austria 02/12/2015 Wiener Konzerthaus, Vienna, Austria
with Brno Philharmonic
Sweden 09/12/2015 Centre Culturel de Warande, Turnhout, Belgium Tickets
austria 10/12/2015 Hello Jazz Festival (Bozar), Brussels, Belgium Tickets

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