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“Pearls in a basket of pearls”-

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REVIEW: Pearls in a basket with pearls

Album / Naïve / Believe
Release D. 16.04.2021
Reviewed by: Ivan Rod

Israeli-born, US-based Avishai Cohen is a high-profile jazz composer and bassist. An exceptional composer, musician and singer (!) With a rare sense of writing and arranging music for an even very large and complex ensemble. His new album, Two Roses, is thus nothing less than a masterpiece written for and performed by a sublime jazz trio and a completely and utterly superb symphony orchestra – a total of 95 talented musicians and a conductor with an overview.

In addition to Avishai Cohen, the trio consists of drummer Mark Guiliana (who has played with David Bowie and Brad Mehldau, among others) and pianist Elchin Shirinov. And the symphony orchestra? It is the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Alexander Hanson – one of the best in the Nordic countries!

Of course, very few jazz composers and bassists are surprised to be allowed / allowed to write music for such a large constellation, because in the world of jazz you usually hit the ceiling with a big band. How the collaboration between Avishai Cohen, his trio and the symphony orchestra came about, I have no idea. But I can conclude that Avishai Cohen has the necessary stamina, technique and artistic nerve to create a large, coherent and beautiful work that easily and naturally connects jazz and classical score music. And not only that. But also Sephardic, Ashkenazi and Yemeni, Jewish as well as Arabic, African and Slavic music. The title track, for example, is a masterful, new arrangement over an old Sephardic melody, “Shnei Shoshanim” – a clear example of how magnificent an arranger Avishai Cohen is.

Two Roses offers two standards – Thad Jones’ “A Child is Born” and Eden Ahbez’s “Nature Boy”. All other songs are with a little good will both written and arranged Avishai Cohen – who, however, has taken inspiration in the traditions of, for example, writing “Arab Medley”, “Puncha Puncha” and “Morenika”.

Avishai Cohen’s very own tracks – tracks like “Emotional Storm”, “Alon Basela” and “When I’m Falling” are some of the album’s best. The former two are complex and yet melodic, strong cases. The latter is an almost pop-rocket vocal jazz number that places Avishai Cohen, if you will, side by side with a rock poet like Sting. All three numbers are technically eminent. Pearls in a basket of pearls.

Avishai Cohen