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Recent Press Quotes – Seven Seas

All About Jazz – March 2011

“Seven Seas is a remarkable album; most impressive is Cohen’s clarity of vision, which is what separates the boys from men. Cohen knows what he wants and, even better, he knows how to achieve it. The album’s immediate attraction is its loose, fresh informality, a spontaneous and sparkling liveliness. The result of this unlikely union is one of the most seamlessly beautiful works Cohen has ever produced.”

Ynet, Israel

“To an audience of 3,000 people, Avishai Cohen trio came on stage and opened what would become one of the highlights of the festival. Cohen, gave it all and more and with the pianist Omri Mor and drummer Amir Bresler, together they created a marvellous equilateral triangle.”

Yosmusic, Israel

“Avishai Cohen was called in to save the festival. He did it Big time.”

JAZZMAN – March 2011

“Avishai Cohen has been able to create a universe identifiable as soon as you hear the first bars, a trademark that only belongs to the Greats”

Direct Matin Plus – March 2011

“‘Seven Seas’ is the doubler” most beautiful record”

Le Droit – 3* – March 2011

“A clever music, a unique jazz and an often outstanding interpretation”
… we don’t know if the folks from Ottawa” International Jazz Festival have put him on the bill yet, if not we strongly advised them to do so.
We’d be happy to see him opening the night on the mainstage”

Journal du Dimanche – March 2011 (Sunday Daily)

“A soothing and intimate travel full of sentimental ballads”

Vibrations – March 2011

“Between chamber music and Mingusian dynamic”

L’express style – 3* – March 2011

“Novelistic and daring, Full of breaks and melodies. Stormy and calm, just like its title “seven seas”.

Voir – 4* – March 2011

“A quasi cinematographic odyssey between Hebraic culture and Arabic-Andalusian influences…Cohen embarks us on his trip for a sonic drift through the most eye-opening landscapes. A pure enchantment.”

Evening Standard – 4* (UK. Jack Massarik)

“More impressive are his original compositions, beautiful songlines which swing with a folk-like righteousness.”

The Guardian – 3* (UK. John Fordham)

“(Cohen’s)…bass playing is sumptuously inventive, and his middle-eastern, north African, and Spanish-influenced melodies very affecting”.

The Daily Telegraph – 3* (UK. Ivan Hewitt)

“Imagine a soft-grained piano trio idiom, tinged with wide-open-spaces mysticism. Add a grave, folk-like naivety, a thrumming Middle-Eastern tang, a suggestion of Jewish melancholy, and there you have the sound of bassist and composer Avishai Cohen’s latest album…”.

The Herald Scotland (UK. Rob Adams)

“…Cohen has developed into a major composer, songwriter and arranger, capable of blending his own physically strong but nimble bass playing and the piano trio that’s at this beautifully melodic music’s heart with instrumentation from both within and without the jazz tradition…”.

The Times (UK. John Bungey)

“Pick of the week.”

The Guardian – 4* (UK. John Fordham)

“It was a hearteningly spontaneous live performance led by a total musician with a guiding jazz sensibility…”.

LondonJazz (UK. Fran Hardcastle)

“As a live performer, Cohen is hard to beat.”

Avishai Cohen