‘Tell Us A Story’ Winners

In Avishai’s February newsletter we set you all the task of telling us a unique experience or funny story from listening to Avishai’s music or going to a live concert.

The example we set was from this group of people who filmed their experience of getting to a concert:
The Annual Run For Avishai Race‘ (video link)
“Tram breaks down in Budapest, two stops away from the Palace of Arts and with only a few minutes left before the start of Avishai Cohen’s concert. A group of jazz loving passengers from all over Europe will have to set their feet on fire in order to get there in time. A strong collective spirit emerges as they help each other with their luggage, leaving no one behind!”

This is our winner of the ‘Tell Us A Story’ competition:
‘How it Feels Watching Avishai Live’, by Maria de Gonzalo
“He openly gives himself live from a stage no matter the size of the venue.
You can listen, see and feel how he and his heartedly chosen fellows deeply enjoy playing together. They seldom look at their own instruments, they are just listening out, eyes closed and wide open, focused on one another’s reactions, on understanding, on anticipating, on conveying the pleasure of contributing to the beauty in creation.
They start spinning from the very deep and the smiles on their faces keep gradually getting more and more noticeable, more and more enjoyable. The hair on your whole skin has got goose bumps and you would like to have been dancing, possessed since a long time ago. You can’t but wonder in awe at the delicate stop of the wheel, the precise moment the geniuses are flying away from the musicians’ exultant bodies, just returned from cloud nine.
Towers are built, one after another, with lots of witty and skilful bridges in between them to remain in our memories forever. Your gifts turn ours.

(I am a Madrilenian who has always had her residence in her home city and, unfortunately, cannot afford travelling as I did some time ago due to the financial crisis that is badly affecting Spain. I wrote above a description of what I experienced at the concert of the Avishai Cohen Trio which we attended at Ronnie Scott’s in November 2012. Me and my husband had bought the tickets online more than 6 months before as our mutual birthday presents without knowing if we would be able to be there. We were glad to make it and we are really happy to know he is soon playing here in Madrid.)”

And this is our runner up story:
By Giselle Jacques
“I bought the CD, ‘Almah’ as a “Saint Nicholas” gift for my sweet husband (who’s a jazz bass player). Unfortunately my husband came home on the Saturday and said, ‘Look what I bought’. Yes, it was Avishai Cohen’s CD ‘Almah’! Ha ha ha. I whipped out ‘mine’ and we had a good laugh. It’s a beautiful CD, thanks again!”

Avishai Cohen
Christopher Daniels

on Sunday the 15th of June I was part of your audience and have to ask now for some informations from your concert, because I am sure that you were sending us a message with two of your songs you have played. The first one was when Nicolai was supporting you when you were just singing a song inspired by an author/poet who described the israeli culture without being there….i can’t remember his name anymore…..but your message came along with the song after…it was “Remembering” , so I think i recognized the message of yours to remember that author/poet only because you played “Remembering”.
Now I am interested to know that poet and maybe you are able to send me his name so that I am able to acknowledge him and his work 🙂
I am thankful for that concert and hope you will understand my attempt right here and right now.
Lovely greetings from Germany
Christopher 🙂

P.S.: You are one of my musicians I listen to in a constant way, in everey year I have a music phase mostly about Avishai and his friends….your music is powerful, relaxing and so energizing, especially when you play live…..Frankfurt was my 3rd concert I went to, maybe next year you will come back to Germany and we will share each others vibrations of presence again 🙂 Namaste my friend

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