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‘Tonight Avishai Cohen led New York to Paris, masterfully.’

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Written by: Elie Petit

English translation:

Avishai Cohen and his NY Sextet Saturday, February 27th Division gave the second of his three exceptional concerts in the Philharmonie de Paris. More classical in form, more jazz in the background, always so beautiful.

On a scene tinged with blue, training is unique . He gathered “the best for his taste,” the New Yorker connection of jazz bassist and composer Israel Avishai Cohen. Piano, Omri Now Kurt Rosenwinkel on guitar, drums, the great Mark Guiliana, Diego Urcola on trumpet and trombone, Steve Davis.

This connection is proven as each has a strong history with Cohen. This played on the first drive of Rosenwinkel. Davis will play on the first two albums of Cohen as a band leader. Omri Or is the regular pianist piano since the departure of Shai Maestro for a solo career. Guiliana, drummer of the last album of David Bowie, Blackstar , working with him since 2002. Urcola since 2001.

Avishai Cohen mixing eras alternating old titles with one of his last compositions.All in a style Oriental less than usual, very New York . The solos follow one another, each incredibly well executed. And Guiliana is definitely excellent.

Avishai Cohen does almost with his bass. Or the opposite. His fingers agitate, go up and down, a virtuoso inspiration. He sublimates his own music every solo, working patterns with great ease.

The piano Omri Mor, invented by Avishai Cohen always has this peculiarity makes it a rhythmic and melodic instrument at a time. Rosenwinkel varied effects on the guitar. This is a very natural together, around a natural leader. And the contagious pleasure to see them play. Cohen complimented his musicians almost every piece.From the friendship and admiration of sweating eyes rested on each solo session.

Each piece is faster than its predecessor, the rhythm is frantic and Cohen directs chorus series of 8 measurements. Each is a feat. The next track this madness is very slow which will tell Cohen that allows it to show that you can do anything with the instruments , even beyond the limits of slowness.

Scene output. Avishai Cohen returns alone. With a single voice and bass. To explain the life of musicians, constantly on the road, away from home, he played the magnificent Negro spiritual I Feel Like a Motherless Child. A very moving moment before his magnificent Alfonsina Y El Mar, he wished he had composed.

Then obviously come the acclaimed Sevens Seas. And finally, Remembering, to remember the victims of the attacks of Paris with a special thought for the Bataclan where Cohen and Giuliana played separately. A great moment, a life of silence. The concentration of live spectators for the murdered.

Tonight Avishai Cohen led New York to Paris, masterfully .

Avishai Cohen