Trio Recording Session Complete!

Avishai returned to his ‘second home’, Nilento Studios in Sweden, last month to record his next album…a TRIO album! With his trio, Nitai Hershkovits (piano) and Daniel Dor (drums) it was a great success.


Avishai hasn’t released a trio album since his popular, ‘Gently Disturbed’ (2007, Razdaz Recordz), so this latest recording has been long awaited and we’re very excited about it! We will keep you updated in the coming months on progress and plans for the release.

Avishai Cohen

Avishai, I’ve waited for years to see you live and last night at the Highline Ballroom, you exceeded any expectations I may have had. You, Nitai and Daniel have a connection musically and spiritually it seems, and experiencing the magic of your music at the table right in front of you was a dream come true. Thank you dear Avishai! Please do come back to NYC once a year…or more often. As you felt last night – WE LOVE YOU! Thank you so very much. I’m eagerly awaiting the release of your Trio album in the Fall!

I cannot wait for this álbum. I had the chance to enjoy the power of the trio in Málaga last night and it was amazing. Thanks for making me so happy with your art.

Erik Van Vlierberghe

Looking forward to this next album. I was there when you performed with your group in Antwerp (Middelheim, 15th of august 2014), and it was announced there that you will come back to Antwerp soon (2015). When and where will that be?

This cannot come soon enough!! I’m reallllly excited to hear the new trio album. Gently Disturbed is one of my all time favorites out of Avishai’s creations. Happy holidays!

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